What is massage?

A massage is the stimulation of the skin and underlying tissues with varying degrees of hand pressure to
decrease pain, produce relaxation, and/or improve circulation. The purpose of massage is to relax the tissue, increase the flow of blood and oxygen, and decrease pain.

How to prepare for a massage?

Stay hydrated. Being well hydrated before your massage is especially important for the elimination of toxins that are released into the body's circulation during treatment. We recommend that you eat lightly, take a hot shower, dress comfortably and most importantly relax.

What to expect from a massage?

Your Licensed therapist will welcome you and start your session with a consultation. Your consultation is an extremely important element of your massage process and we encourage you to arrive in advance to allow time to fill out your informational paperwork to help facilitate your appointment time. Your therapist will determine how to preform your massage and what modalities to apply. You will then have a moment to undress to your comfort level and climb into your heated massage table. Your therapist will use draping to expose the body part they are working at that moment, never exposing breasts, genitals, gluteal cleft, or any body part you specify should remain covered. Your therapist will invite you to communicate throughout your session by asking how comfortable the pressure of your massage is. Upon completing your massage your will be given time to dress and your therapist will go over your personalized post instructions.