Massage Club Membership

Join our Copper Tree Retreat Massage Membership

Available Memberships include: single, couples, family, and corporate memberships in
both standard and premium packages. Benefits of Monthly Membership include
monthly services at a discounted rate, 1 additional massage booked at the discounted
rate per month and Invitations to Copper Tree Retreat exclusive events.

Standard Membership Includes

Standard Memberships include one 50-minute Swedish Massage per month. If you are
unable to schedule a massage that month, don't worry, your monthly massage never
expires! Your unused massage simply rolls over to the next month. Standard
membership allows you to book additional massages at a discounted rate.

Membership Monthly Fees

6 Months | 12 Months | 18 Months


Standard 50 min $59.99

Premium 50 min $85.99

Premium 80 min $110.99


Standard 50 min $115.99

* Premium 50 min $160.99

*Premium 80 min $220.99

Family of 4

*Standard 50 min $225.99

* Premium 50 min $275.99

**Premium 80 min $345.99

*Receives Members Only Pricing Starting at $160.99