Copper Tree Retreat is an exceptional, luxury Medical Spa where personalized service and wholeness of body, mind and spirit for our guests and employees is our highest mission. It is our desire to provide the finest staff, facility, and state of the art equipment to our guests who will always receive the finest experience from a Medical Sap standpoint. The Copper Tree staff will use every resource possible to make each guest feel safe and treated with dignity and respect. The Copper Tree experience will be efficient and impactful to make each guest visit memorable


Copper Tree Retreat will strive to set an example of excellence in the Medical Spa Industry by leadership, knowledge, advanced technology, and personalized service. We will continually work to create and develop new and innovative treatments to better serve the wants and needs of our guests, staff, and our community. We will create a memorable experience for every guest that revitalizes the body, mind, and spirit.

Core Principles

We will make each individual guests needs our number one priority.
We will constantly work to improve our business world and be known as a leader in the Medical Spa Industry
We will serve our community and give to those in need.
We will inspire each other with respect, compassion and kindness.